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Ingrown Toenails

Posted January 26th, 2012 by ethan -->

Ingrown nails are caused by the toenail embedding into the flesh along the margins of the nail border. Possible causes are improper cutting of the nails, trauma, tight footwear, or congenital predisposition. Often the condition is worsened by infection.

Treatment: Usually consists of removal of the offending piece of nail. This may be done under local anesthetic if area is inflamed and very painful. If the condition is chronic, a partial nail avulsion may be performed for long term relief. This procedure is performed under local anesthetic in a sterile environment. The offending side of the nail is elevated and resected and phenol is applied to the nail matrix to prevent regrowth of that section of nail.

What can I do myself?
Soak the toe in a warm water and sea salt solution for 20 minutes three times a day

How can I avoid getting ingrown toenails?

Avoid tight fitting shoes
Avoid trying to cut out corners of nails