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Plantar Fascitis

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Plantar Fascitis: (heel pain) This is often mistakenly called a heel spur. The most common cause of heel pain is inflammation of the insertion of the plantar fascia into the heel bone. (calcaneus) This inflammation may be a result of bio-mechanical problems (foot function), or traumatic in origin. The insertion site develops a small tear and the area becomes hot, swollen and painful. The deep swelling causes compression of the nerve endings when weight bearing and subsequent pain. If the family physician orders an X-ray it may show a small forward growth of bone (heel spur). Heel spurs are largely a variation of normal bone anatomy and are rarely the cause of heel pain. Evaluation by a Chiropodist will determine best treatment options

A sharp pain on the bottom of the heel often on rising in the morning or after rest.
Aggravated by extended periods of weight bearing.

Excessive lowering of the arch due to over pronation.
Tight plantar fascia due to highly arched feet.
Faulty bone alignment and foot bio mechanics.